Friday, October 26, 2012

Sofia Vergara Sexy Photos To Be Leaked?

Is a Sofia Vergara Sexy photo scandal looming? The news that recent pics of a personal nature are being shopped around hit the media and it has many wondering just how personal are these pictures and how did they get into the wrong hands?
According to pictures of Sofia are being shopped around because they are of a personal nature. The pics in question were taken off of Vergara’s soon to be husband Nick Loeb’s phone. His phone was apparently hacked and whoever has copies of the pics is looking to cash in on them big time. Now before you get too excited that you will get to see the Modern Family actress naked, I have to say that allegedly there are no full on nude photos of her that were taken. Read more ... Right Celebrity

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PSY Tuxedo Gangnam Style

PSY Tuxedo Gangnam Style the most popular Halloween costume

What is the trend halloween costume this year? the answer is Tuxedo PSY Gangnam Style. Vintage tuxedo PSY become the most popular costumes for Halloween in the United States.

Gangnam Style PSY video watched by millions of people on Youtube. PSY tuxedo is different because of its uniqueness. With a bow tie, it is a style that is

PSY Tuxedo Gangnam Style

Exercise beneficial for brain health

The new research about the downsizing of the brain in old age, suggesting that exercise may be more useful than the activity, the mentally and socially stimulating. Scientists say the sport encourages increased blood flow to the brain.

The research team from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK delivered the conclusion that after conducting a study of 638 people, who are in their 70s. They

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

iPad Mini Will Coming Soon

Apple’s iPad mini is almost certainly set to be announced next week at an event in San Jose Tuesday, and we’re now hearing that it will ship a week and a half after that unveiling. November 2 is the ship date we’ve heard today from a source close to Apple’s supply chain, echoing an earlier report by Geeky Gadgets that that’s the day the iPad mini will go on sale.

Geeky Gadgets cited a prominent U.K. retailer as the source of its information. For the iPhone 5, the September 21 retail availability date was telegraphed ahead of time thanks to leaked information from carrier partners, and retailers have been a source of Apple-related product leaks in the past. Our own source has also previously proven reliable with unreleased Apple info.